Entry 002

It May Have Been Chilly Outside

It may have been chilly outside
but I bask in your gentle warmth

My legs weary trudging uphill
but your company is a stroll

Eating a simple meal with you
is a delightful treat itself

If I would see your frowning face
I would seize that moment with haste
to turn your displeased countenance
to one of comely resonance

I would tell tales of pure childhood
of plans I could do, or I should
to induce those smiles elusive
so precious and kept reclusive

A short term with you at my side
makes me wish for it to last long

The sibilant whispers you make
are messages my heart receives

And the photographs that I took
manifest those mem’ries to keep

2011.09.01 | rev 09.04~05

It took me some time to post my next entry. Actually, I’ve been writing drafts but I do not finish them.

This one is my untitled poem that I wrote to reminisce my short stay in Baguio City with my  friends. I hope they won’t read this (but I also hope they do).



2 thoughts on “Entry 002

  1. Wow! Im amazed. Your writing really does have a different persona than you are in physical attributions. You’re really good at this Irvin, and I admire you for being so expressive in terms of writing. Keep it up and inspire me to write my own blog as well. Was this the reason why you are kinda “may sumpong” when we were in Baguio? You were thinking about this poem? Anyway, you have to teach me with how to write and express myself… I wanna be busy in a different way.

    • Thanks K. Manuel. Thoughts ko lang yan after the trip. Yung sumpong ko, topak lang yun. Hehe ^^
      Thanks for liking. I appreciate it very much

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