Entry 009

My Comfort Food

I have a new penchant for this food which I almost cannot resist.

Whenever I ride the metro train, I surely stop at a food stall and buy an order of siomai, or dumplings (I like the pork-shrimp ones). I’d rather call it shuumai, by the way.  Now, when I reach the station of my destination, I will likely stop by another stall selling the same merchandise. And I walk down the stairs as happy as I can be.

Ah! Shuumai! The meaty ground pork (with extenders I think) wrapped in white and soft wonton sheet enticingly! And the crisp garlic exudes an herby fragrance.

Here in the Philippines, an order of shuumai comes with a little heap of fried garlic and chilli mixture. Then you pour soy sauce and pinch in an extract of calamansi (calamondin according to Wikipedia) to give it a sudden tang. Whoa! And I eat it whole. I think it is best to eat it whole and not merely bite your way until it is consumed. Haha. It only costs me 25 pesos.

You can also partner it with rice. For me, shuumai is a comfort food, something that I would desire day after day.

My comfort food nowadays

(How does a Japanese shuumai taste like? That’s for me to find out soon. Definitely I’ll try it at a Japanese restaurant.)


3 thoughts on “Entry 009

  1. I like your second shot. It’s a professional shot. I miss siomai especially the chilli sauce that that’s not even spicy at all. It used to be big now I hate the size of it.

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