Entry 013

I’m posting another series of photographs that I took. There is no definite theme as I took them at different dates.

I’ve been a fan of ABS-CBN for reasons I cannot expound clearly. I think it started in my late elementary years. I studied Mass Communication in the hope of joining ABS-CBN but I soon realised I’m too timid for it. So I abandoned my hopes and desire. But I’m still a fan. At least I’m happy to get this “near”.

ABS-CBN Tower and ELJ Building across East Avenue

Detail of the tower and the building

This one was taken near the Mall of Asia in Pasay. I have an affection for the colour orange.

Near sunset

There is a park beside our office in Legazpi Village in Makati. It is named after Filipino businessman Washington SyCip. The park was redesigned after it was devastated by the Typhoon Milenyo. I forgot what it used to look like but I think the present form is better.

A pavilion at the Washington SyCip Park

The pole at Washington SyCip Park

Detail of the pole

Idly spending time at the Washington SyCip Park in Makati

This photograph disappointed me. From my vantage point it looked tilted. I know it’s a blunder, but nevertheless I love the serene clouds. This is somewhere across the Shaw Boulevard station of the metro train.

I love shadows. I took this an hour after noon. Very bright and hot.

Here is a night scene near the place where I board. You can see the ubiquitous sari-sari store found in all Philippine communities, plus a bystander who probably contemplates on his life under the gleaming street post.

A night scene: a sari-sari store and a bystander

There. Slice of my life, as I see it. Thanks for reading!


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