Entry 014

On Losing My Camera

I have to share this space to show how I lament for a lost possession. The Samsung digicam that I have been using for some time was snatched from me. Yes, I’m another victim of this socially cruel misdeed, that I attribute to rife poverty and moral dejection in Philippine society.

It happened in a clear afternoon in Baclaran district in Pasay, as I was about to catch a ride back to Cavite province. A wretched lad approached me on my right0hand side to ask for spare coins. And another one, a little older than the first one on my left-hand side who came close and almost clung to me. I was keeping my two mobile phones, coin purse and the cam on the pockets of my jacket. I was about to reach for some coins but as I could not find one within easy reach, I told them I had none. And they left me that instant. Usually, children like them would persist and haunt you, but they did not (I assume now that they already got my cam).

What is more lamenting is not the camera itself, though it is regrettable, but the pictures inside it. Before that incident, I managed to walk around Makati on a cloudy Sunday afternoon and take scenes of an idle Makati–leaves scattered along the pavement, a clear view of a low-rise  building, and some quiet scenes. Plus, I also had in there a picture of the ABS-CBN tower shot in daylight (I recently posted a picture of the tower at night in an previous entry), and some treasured shots of a friend. There! I regret not saving the files earlier. That is what I lament the most.

I cannot and should not wallow much on a loss of an object, right? But I learned something here. This thought came to me suddenly:

“There are things or people that you treasure so much that you think you cannot live without it or them. But hey, when there are taken from you, you’ll realise that it’s OK without them. You can buy or find another one in the future. Whining about is of no use; pondering about it won’t make it to be returned. Someone in the world holds it now. Let it go; maybe it’s not really for you. Look for something better.

“Also, photographs are the tangible form of your memories.  What what is more indelible is your memory itself. What is more precious are not the two-dimensional pictures nor the scenes the camera captured but the experience of being there on that very moment, being with the people close to you and want to be with, being in places where you want to go. The physical picture could have been lost forever, but the sentiments that came with being part of that experience (even once) are transcendent and not limited. Rather, the experience remains personal–only you knows how it feels.”

So now I’m back to my ol’ dependable phone camera (in the meantime). I’ll rise from these ashes of unfortunate events.


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