Entry 015

It was frustrating. I lost my digicam to snatchers. When I got home to the farmhouse where I stay in Cavite province, I was greeted by a resplendent and vibrant sunset sky, with clouds hovering near the horizon that naturally assimilated the burning colours of the sun. I was an awe-striking spectacle. Dramatic and romantic and inspiring–a good way to greet the night. But lo! I do not have my camera with me. I could not capture the event. So I just stared at it and be immersed for a time until the waxing darkness swallowed the sky.

Anyway, here are some images that I took the morning after using my phone camera.

I always see this bike along the pathway. I think this is owned by a farmer not faraway.

Sorry for a tilted shot:

A panoramic shot of the farm where I stay.

And I found a dead bird on the scorched ground. I think it dies of “natural causes” as it did not have a mark of a gunshot or a slingshot. It was the will of nature that it had to die. I think it lived a fulfilling existence!

Death of a bird

I love shadows. Here am I looking at a rice seedlings bed> Soon, these will be plated onto the plot, and in some months’ time will be ready for harvest.

That’s it for today. I really miss my cam. I could have played with the images more with liberty but I could not. Thanks for reading.


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