Entry 016

I Sang with the UP Madrigal Singers

Really, I did.

I was lucky to watch them perform a homecoming concert back at the Abelardo Hall Auditorium in UP Diliman this 24 November 2011. The concert, dubbed “Ang Muling Pagbabalik ng Madz sa Abelardo” kept the audience in awe, made them give a hearty laugh, and left them inspired. Those were what I actually felt, together with two of my friends.

The poster of the concert, courtesy of their Facebook page

Sorry I still can’t muster my rational thoughts as of this posting. It was an indescribable feeling. I can’t summon the appropriate words. Ha! Here is  their repertoire for the night:

Ubi caritas et amor (Gregorian chant)
Caritas et amor (Z. Randall Stroope)
De Profundis Magnificat (Eduardo Andres Malachevsky)

Sospir che del bel petto (Heinrich Schutz)
La Bomba (Mateo Flecha)

Filipino Contemporary
Koyu No Tebulul (Eudenice Palaruan)
Kaisa-isa Niyan (Nilo Alcala II)

International Songs
Look What Dey Doin’ to Jesus (Arr: Richard Jackson)
Te Parece (Ruben Rada, Arr: Carlos Corres de Paiva)
No Dejes de Cantar (Arr: Ily Mathew Maniano)

William Tell Overture (G Rossini, Arr: Julie Eschliman)
Nessun Dorma (G Puccini, Arr: Christopher Borela)
Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka (O Alcasid & R Velasquez, Arr: Ily Matthew Maniano)
Blue Moon (R Rodgers & L Hart, Arr: David Blackwell)
No Money, No Honey (Arr: Anna Piquero)
Hahabol-habol (Arr: Robert Delgado)
Rain Songs (Arr: Christopher Borela)
Imagine (J Lennon, Arr: Nilo Alcala II)

(There were three songs; one was “In the Mood”)

Now, I think I have to take my say on some notable songs, if I can still catch them from my elusive memory. And that I will post later. By the way, I recorded some of the songs but I think I will be using the YouTube links to make you appreciate what I would be saying at a later post.

Ever wonder why I said I sang with the Madz?

That was not because of sheer privilege, as the choirmaster Mark Anthony Carpio asked the audience to sing a line with them and tap our laps with a rhythmic pattern. This happened with the song “No Dejes de Cantar” which means “keep on singing”. (Too bad I failed to record the song as we sing with them) And it was an uplifting experience, really, as we felt joining them in an advocacy and dedication that they put their talents and life into–singing. Well at least I can say that even for once I was one with them in singing, feeling the same way that they were.

The following is the instruction of Mr Carpio telling us to sing “No Dejes de Cantar” in three patterns. I hope the recording is audible. Just to give you the “feel” of doing it. (Again, sadly I failed to record the song as they were singing it.)

It made me smile and beam proudly inside. You would realise that music was created as part of human existence, crossing barriers, cultures, languages, beliefs and stature. Music is a divine gift not merely to entertain us but to inspire us–to keep us living creatively with that inner glow to share with other people. And together, it makes a colourful life.

By the way, here is the Oblation “turned away” from me. Gosh! I really miss my camera. I could have recorded the Madz better with it.

I’ll be adding more notes at a later post.


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