Entry 019

New Friend

I am pleased to introduce to you my new friend, Kitsu-chan (キツちゃん). I am not certain if he is a fox, but someone told me he is a lemur. But I’ll stick to him being a fox.


[Update] Unfortunately, I just lost Kitsu-chan. I will miss him so much.

Now I remember the Japanese drama series Nobuta wo Produce (野ブタ。をプロデュース). Although the animal pig or buta in Japanese is likened to symbolize the girl protagonist Nobuta, the fox figure has been a part of the story as the character Akira is fond of shaping a fox figure with his hands while saying the onomatopoeia “Kon! Kon!”

Nobuta wo Produce is a warm story about friendship in a high school milieu. The main characters are the popular student Shuji and the seemingly annoying Akira. They are the self-proclaimed “producers” of the introvert and awkward Nobuta, set to make her popular in their school. Through the series, they learned much realizations from their activities and they grew closer than expected, forming an inevitable (and indispensable) bond between them. I hope I can find time to watch parts of it again.


Last night I tried buying cold brewed tea from the newly opened Serenitea along Rada Street in Legazpi Village, Makati, just a few steps from out office. Since the store opened, I have been observing long queues at break times during the day.

I ordered the Okinawa, Hokkaido, and Nagoya flavours, whatever they were. I asked the attendant for his recommended flavours, and he mentioned these. I also tried their pepper tofu what I absolutely love! It’s deep-fried and mildly crunchy. You’ll crave for the peppery taste, I say!

It’s a bit expensive considering my modest living, pretty like Starbucks, but it’s worth the price I think.

Wonder why I ordered three teas? The two are for my coworkers doing an overtime. Heh!

I’ll be coming back to taste the other flavours and snacks.


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