As I grope for words, I thought to post images instead. Lately I experience the difficulty of manifesting my thoughts in word form.

The Oblation was sculpted by Guillermo Tolentino, for me a brilliant man who could translate the abstract in corporeal form, something to marvel it more about. I’ve seen The Oblation from a lower vantage point, usually at its feet. With this view, I could only see part of its face. I was wondering for some time what The Oblation actually looks like–the countenance of that naked man, with eyes closed as if in prayer, offering himself. I hope I could, one time, behold its serene visage. Maybe only a few people have seen its face–probably the sculptor and his apprentices, and the ones who did the recasts and the replicas. By the way, the original one is stored in  Gonzales Hall of UP, while the one in the conspicuous grounds of Quezon Hall is a bronze replica. (I wish to see all The Oblations; I hope I can have the opportune time and resources.

This is the green and maroon banner of the University. For me, this is a solemn combination of colours. Whenever I see these colours together, I feel at ease for an unknown reason, coupled with a feeling of an unending yearning to become great someday. It’s just a feeling.

The UP Carillon. I happened to hear this tolled the “UP Naming Mahal”. The pealing of the bells reverberated throughout the blue heavens. Then latter it played, rather the carillonneur, some Filipino standards. I think some of the bell-pitches sounded off. Nevertheless, it was still pleasant to hear.

Why is it I see unexpected colours during sunsets? I always see strong contrast between light and darkness. The colours are vivid and the shadows just as intense.


Bikers and joggers frequent UP for a quiet cityscape. The scene around may not be Oxford-like but I liken it to that.

I saw senior highs school students film a project, I supposed. Ah! I miss my youthful days.

This one is a solitary figure with his laptop. Being alone nowadays doesn’t really mean being alone. He might be, physically, but who knows, he might be connected to someone a quarter-of-a-world away. Technology really is amazing. I think our grandparents never imagined this sharing of personal information with the world could be possible when they were young. It’s easy to get connected with people, yes, but getting a steady attention from them is a different case.

People are busy, so don’t expect them to stay with you for a long time. If they do, thank them profusely.



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