For the past weeks I had the liberty of time to take pictures from places unusual to me.

Here is an electric post in Sucat, Paranaque, overlooking Laguna de Bay. I walked through my way amidst residential houses to find the famous Luzon lake, which is encompassed by the provinces of Rizal, Laguna, and Metro Manila. For me, electric posts are symbols of industrialization and urbanity. So much has changed in any society at the onset of electricity. So I’m rather fascinated with electric posts, as I associate them with man’s innovative capabilities. Their structure also reflects strength.

Here is the Meralco plant located at the lake’s shore. This was taken during sunset.

There was a public park in construction at that part of the lake. I found many schoolchildren idling their time, playing, running around, fishing, and even dating. Here are fairly mischievous children, still, in uniform apparently just came out from school which was located nearby. Their frolicsome manner reminded me of childhood–perhaps one of the most remembered period of one’s life. Nostalgic it may be but remembering childhood relives the warmth in one’s heart that is gradually lost in adulthood.

I tried looking at the lower perspective. Here are some people waiting for the local train early into the night. Different people of sundry histories and lives are what one meets everyday. They may be unrelated to you personally but they make up the society where you live in. So, in a way, they become a part of you.

A line of cars moved through EDSA, Metro Manila’s famous highway. On this afternoon, I took this while waiting for the metro train. This was the flyover part in Magallanes, Makati.

Being on a higher structure gives another interesting view on things. This is how a bird flying low would probably see. This woman, I think, was preparing her umbrella for the afternoon heat from she sun.

This one I took in a town in Rizal on a sunset. I liked the contrasting faint glow in the clouds and the blue sky. This was one of the scantily scattered trees that I thought of nice to photograph. There was much space and the tree looked like a stand out monument in that hilly area.

Going home late, I fancied taking a photograph of myself reflected on the side mirror of a jeepney, a famous Philippine mode of transport. There are daytime and nighttime populations in an urbanized city. I think I am one that is situated in-between.

Back in Cavite, I biked around to gee the verdant fields in an afternoon. Here is an example. I liked this shade of green, actually.

I also took the care to get a view on the “grassroots” level, quite literally.Perhaps this view is how the grasses and plants “see” the world. Very lowly and satisfied.

One time I joined a fun run dubbed “Isang Araw Lang Unity Run”. I ran (actually walked) three kilometres, as suggested by this photograph. Around 200,000 supported this event and I was a proud one.

This is a rare moment for me to photograph the giant steel globe in Mall of Asia, the venue of the fun run, as parts of the complex’s road were closed to early morning traffic to give way to the completion of the event.

Rediscovering rather normal things in your life can portray something interesting and novel. Keep looking at things differently to understand more how the world works. Life here is short and you might not explain many things even in your lifetime, but experiencing some of them differently everyday enriches the meaning of existence.

Thanks for reading.



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