A Symphonic Metamorphosis

I watched the UP Symphonic Band again with their show “A Symphonic Metamorphosis”. As usual, I came in late with the first part largely finished by the moment I trotted up the auditorium’s uppermost row of seats.

Prof Rodney Ambat conducted the college-based band with his usual brisk, intense and jerky baton-swinging gestures.

Here are some of the performances I recorded.



The Divine Comedy

This one’s utterly long, divided into four movements. I was glad my digital camera was able to record that long without suddenly shutting off. With this song, I saw the band sang the choral parts–the effect was chilling. It was like Anguish drawling. I also heard the sound of chains clanking.


The Year of the Dragon


The Banquet of Light

This is the encore piece.


By the way, here is a YouTube link from user Khalidmandi1 having a wonderful record (a clearer one) of the event: http://www.youtube.com/user/Khalidmandi1/videos


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