Entry 035


Unos sa Isip

Ulan, huwag kang tumila
Lunurin mo ng mga patak
Ikubli mo ang aking pighati
Anurin ang aking pakiramdam

Hangin, guluhin mo ang isip
Tangayin ang mga alaala
Kapwa masakit at maligaya
Ipadpad sa dakong limót

Araw, dumungaw ka sa umaga
Dalhin ang bagong panimula
Isabog ang iyong silahis
Upang maparam ang lamig

That was my take on loneliness, written on a stormy night, just random thoughts.

I suffer from chronic loneliness. with this I remember the 2000 anime Boys Be… which I watched on AXN then. Episode 10 (“Solitary Cross”) tackles this very anxious feeling. Here is the philosophical saying featured in that particular episode of the anime:

“All sound has died out, and the cold, dark night fills the room. Unable to go to sleep, holding on to the covers. Suddenly, that’s when it strikes, as if my chest was being crushed in pain and wanted to cry. A painful and uneasy feeling. Yes, from the depths of my heart, a thing called “loneliness” will come …”

As I listen now to the opening and closing songs of Boys Be… (“Daijoubu” and “Miina ga ii ne“, sung by Aki Maeda), it’s like I’m transported back to mu high school days–that time that I yearn for so much, that time that is forever kept in a special chamber in my heart.

That’s all. I think I’ll be searching for the anime Boys Be… . I need to have a copy of it.


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