Here are some pictures I thought of taking on a rainy day. It has been three weeks of almost nonstop precipitation in Metro Manila and towns in Luzon.

On a grayish afternoon, here is Andres Bonifacio looking at a city hardly resembling the one he had seen during his time.

This monument stands at the Liwasang Bonifacio, namesake to him of course. Behind the monument is the Manila Cenral Post Office designed by architect Juan Arellano, erected in the 1920s, and almost destroyed during the Second World War. It was rebuilt after that.

Sorry I do not have a longshot view. Looking closely at one of its corners, you can see an intricate design based on neoclassical aesthetics. It’s barely distinguishable using the naked eye, but thanks to the optical zoom, you can at least make out the  figures. I think they are the mythological griffins guarding an amphora. Most probably the whole motif is  Greek or Roman. (Click on the picture.) Is that vertical projection a torch?

Here is the dilapidated Metropolitan Theatre in Manila, once a centre of cultural peroformances, zarzuelas, operas, and concerts. Now it is but a shadow of the former glory of exposition of Philippine arts.

I tried capturing people walking along clandestinely, making me wonder what other people’s affairs are. A boy probably idling his time, some travelers on a way home, &c. The city is full of busy people, I say.

On my way home, I crossed a small bridge, more like a small canal of an irrigation system, where rainwater gushed with nonstop and strong cascade as long as the rains poured in. The water was turbid,  carrying soil from the rice field.

And lastly, the next image is what I really liked. A man was still toiling at dusk, carrying bamboo, I think.

Do tell me what you think.


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