Entry 037

I hate this feeling

I hate this feeling
But it wells up
Streaming out
Inundating me

I am drowned by fears
Suffocated by love
For things I can’t own
And will never be mine

The admiration I possess
Stokes the glowing fire
My secrets untold
Are reflected in my eyes

Tell me who I am
Reveal my hidden colours
As if a painting obscured
By the fleeting time

I’ve always hated this feeling
That I can’t tell what I feel
You may not be mine
But keep me as yours


Another poem from a weary heart. My way of expressing words I cannot say straight.



2 thoughts on “Entry 037

  1. Unrequited love is consuming.. and so is HD. But still, better say it and risk rejection, than not express your love at all.

    • Haha. Hindi naman talaga gayon ang ibig kong sabihin jan. Pero kung doon nakakarelate ang reader sa ganoong view at interpretation, OK din. Naku, naalaala ko na naman ang postmodernism, na nakalimutan ko na. Kung ako magbabasa niyan, iba naman ang tinutukoy ko. I used the word “love” there for a general feeling. My theme there is appreciation. Something like that. : p
      Thanks for reading

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