Entry 039

Life is like staircases

Life is like connected staircases
Of rising and falling steps
Winding, to the perceiving eye, endlessly
With two ends vanishing into darkness
Like a piano playing morendo

Take care treading each step
Set each foot firm and stable
Listen to the reverberating silence
And how it is shattered
By each dry step made

Turn around and behold
How far have you reached
How long have you climbed up or
How steep have you walked down
And feel the wind at where you stand

Have you a long way to take?
Has the horizon came nearer
Or still lingered distantly?
Out of grasp
Moving away as you take one step

Never take a faux pas
Lest you stumble down the stairs
Deep into your ravine of despair
Of ill consequences and regrets
Never take a doubtful step

Life is like staircases
You are compelled to walk through
A flight of steps to take
Seemingly never-ending
But never aimless in any way



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