Puerto Princesa Snapshots

Last March of this year I went to my hometown, Puerto Princesa in Palawan, with a very good friend. We “toured” parts of the city with our limited five-day stay.

Although I lived all my youthful days in this wonderful place, I had not been to the tourist-spot areas. I was pragmatically a home-school creature in my elementary and high school days.

The following are photo-snippets of our brief stay.

The blue-hued mountains, looming at the immediate horizon, would greet as one stepped off the plane. Probably the first thing one would notice is the abundant trees at the periphery.

Scene at the airport

I lived near a military camp. Here, several servicemen were curiously rolling the tyres.

Morning training

Morning training

One should never neglect to taste Viet Ville’s bánh mì (baguette) that is stuffed with meat and pickles. Thousands of Vietnamese asylum seekers fled Vietnam during the 1970s because of a civil war. Some of them landed in Palawan, where they were treated as refugees. Soon, their ways and culture were introduced and intermingled with the locals, including their popular noodle dish and stuffed bread.

The Vietnamese version of baguette

The following are morning scenes before I and my friends embarked on an island hopping in Honda Bay. technically it was not island hopping as we only reached a single island. It was low tide then so we had to wade through the shallow sea to reach out boat (not the one pictured).


Here, the fishers did their perfunctory routines, tending their implements.



This one is a look at the typical dwelling of the sea people in that area. They extensively use stilts to prop up their huts and keep them always above and out of reach of the rising tide.


Sea huts

Here is a starfish we found underwater and raised to the shore for a snapshot. Afterwards, we returned it to the sea.


A typical pretty starfish on sand made of shell granules

Guess where is this. I won’t tell.


Abounding around shores inland are budding mangrove stalks. Soon these will turn to be a beautiful and thick sea forest. I have come to note that the elongated mangrove seeds have tapering tips designed to pierce the sand when they detach from the trees. Pretty interesting how these plants propagate naturally.



This is the dependable motor boat that we used. There were four of us on board.


An anchored boat

Early morning (not sunset) at the shore before we set out to the sea.


Early morning in Barangay Tagburos opposite Honda Bay

How clear are the waters!


The following are taken in the coasts of Sabang Beach


Waves crashing against the rocky verge


The coast looks pristine as ever, bathed in summer hues


These mighty integrated rocks are wrought by the steady, restless waves since time immemorial


This boat buoys to the dancing swells

1-DSC_7961 1-DSC_7905

Finally, some animals. The first one is a typical carabao that I happened to catch a photograph of while moving on a motorbike. This one was near the Ugong rock formation where I zip lined from its peak.1-DSC_8268

Next is the bearcat indigenous to Palawan. Locally called binturong, they are amusingly affable and fun to observe.


My father once or twice brought an encaged mynah in our (childhood) house. I remember we were teaching the bird words to emulate. But these birds, taken in a large number, can be annoying with their tweets and cries.


Palawan is also home to a crocodile preservation institution called Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. They allow tours around the facility; and they also showcase other indigenous animals.1-DSC_7770


I should go back to Palawan. I want to “explore” other places, too, and indulge musing about how life goes there. I guess I have to have more money to spend first, right? That’s all.


3 thoughts on “Entry 052

  1. You sure have enjoyed your trip to Palawan’s Puerto Princesa. I really would love to visit the place soon. I thought you are a young H. Murakami in the making, using words like they are piercingly magical.

  2. I enjoyed reading this entry as you have enjoyed your vacation. The vivid narration brought my imagination to the places you’ve been. The photos are superb. This is a no-waste-to-read blog. 🙂

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