Entry 087

Sculpture 09: Quezon Memorial Shrine Pylons

One cannot miss the memorial shrine rising above the greenery and government institutions along Elliptical Road in Quezon City. The shrine, designed by architect Federico Ilustre, houses the mausoleum of President Manuel L. Quezon’s remains. The city, after all, is his namesake. The shrine extends upward to include three pylons which are adorned by three giant sculptures of women.

These women are fashioned with wings, leading many to regard them as angels. The figures, which is of the art deco style (I am not an expert on this), wear traditional Filipino garments and hold sampagita (jasmine) wreaths.  They represent the archipelagic clusters of Luzón, Bisayà and Mindanáw. Their faces are well-chiseled and the hems of their garments sharply angled.

These gigantic monuments were sculpted by Francesco Riccardo Monti, an Italian artist who resided in the country for three decades in the mid 1900s producing several works. He has notable works at the University of Santo Tomas, Far Eastern University, Metropolitan Theatre, Negros Occidental capitol lagoon, old Iloilo City Hall (now the Iloilo campus of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas), Sto. Domingo Church, among others.

Below are images of his work at the Quezon Memorial Shrine.


The artistic personification of Bisayà (centre), Mindanáw (left), and Luzón (right)



The winged figure of Bisayà wears a terno with an alampay


The winged figure of Mindanáw wears a sablay


The winged figure of Luzón wears a dress with a panyuwelo (pañuelo)

Can you now guess which figure represents whom (or what)?





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