Entry 091

Oblasyong Dumidingas: Oblation Flaring Up

A month before capping the year 2015, UP Diliman’s Oblation was made resembling a flaring torch, effectively illuminating a darkened scape.

The art installation, with the Oblation as the centrepiece, was the work of the prolific artist Toym Imao. Known for his large and intricate mixed media pieces of brass, bronze and wood, Imao employed this time resin, cellophane, bamboo, and ample illumination.

The conceptual design is explained by this note (in Filipino):

Mula sa temang Dingas: Adhikaing Diliman, Adhikaing Bayan, gumamit si Toym Imao ng apat na simbolo–ang Oblation bilang sulo, tatlong tore sa Bulwagang Quezon na animo’y mga parola o lighthouse, mga dingas sa Oblation Plaza na parang layag, at mga punong naaaninagan ng mga matingkad na pulang ilaw sa paligid ng Bulwagang Quezon na parang mga punong kabalyero o fire trees. Ang lahat ng mga ito’y simbolong pagpapakahulugan sa unibersidad bilang dingas ng mga kaisipan, gabay sa pagkilos, at liwanag ng paglilingkod na siyang humuhubog at nagpapaalab ng damdaming makabayan ng mga mag-aaral, guro, at kawani.

Four concepts symbolize the university as a source of light: burning torch, lighthouse, open flame, and fire tree. The Oblation serves part of the burning torch, the three pillars behind it are reminiscent of lighthouses, little white flames surround the area, and red spotlights illuminate some trees to resemble fire trees.

Here are the images.


The Oblation engulfed in stylized flames.



It stands on a torch-like rim.




These flame-like shapes are made of resin; they also look like tear drops.



Behind the centrepiece torch are the three pillars that symbolize lighthouses.



Here is a view of the installation with all the four symbolisms present.



Toym Imao is the artist and overall designer of the installation.


You can read more about this artwork here.


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