Entry 100

My Blog So far

As this is my 100th blog post, I am providing an index of some that I have written.

This blog evolved into its form today from something transient and aimless. The first posts were almost scribbles of anything; then I began publishing my poems, then recordings and transcriptions of music, then photographs that I took. The common thing, though, was that all of these were interesting for me.


My poems follow a pattern – usually about loneliness, dejection, or longing for something (saudade or Sehnsucht). Below are excerpts. In any case you can relate to my words, read more here.

If I would have to die tonight—
I am resigned to my peace
And could sleep without grief;
For at last I could leave
This wretched state,
This incorrigible world
That taught me to hate.

— “If I would have to die tonight”

hinahabol ng tingin
ang papalayong naglalakad
“hanggang kailan
ako maghihintay?”

at mawawala
sa hangganang linya ng kalsada
kasama ang kanyang tanong
na walang tiyak na sagot


In that dream I hope to linger
Wishing to remember every scene
And every word spoken with you

And should I wake still
In this lonely bed of earth
Everything shall be different

— “I’ll Meet You in My Dreams”

Aanurin ng rumaragasang tubig ang kaligayahan
Ipapadpad sa dakong di na matatagpuan
Walang matitirang bakas ng mainit na saya
Kundi ang malamig na yakap ng pag-iisa
Mananatiling abo ang kulay ng kalangitan
Nagsasalaysay ng luksang kalungkutan
Isabay mo ang pagluha sa buhos ng ulan
Ipaanod sa baha ang iyong pakiramdam

Ilang saglit pa, sisinag din ang araw
Tapos na ang unos, tapos na ang lahat

— “Pangitain ng Unos”

Essays and Insights

Occasionally I would write about theatre and films I have seen, adding my thoughts on how they changed my understanding of the world and disposition. I wouldn’t call them a reviews but insights. I have one for Mabining Mandirigma, Esprit de Corps, The Cure, and Billy Elliot.

I am also an avid follower and viewer of Dulaang UP’s productions since 2013. I have yet to write something about it. One thing I can say: theatre does drain your savings but it refreshes your soul.

For other essays on any topic, you can find them here.


I formed another blog, Visual Tales, aimed to be a repository of some photographs I made. Short of being a portfolio, it simply showcases the scenes in everyday life that I deem worth sharing. I am way not a professional but I hope to deliver good photos that may inspire readers to observe their environs and appreciate the people, even the strangers, as co-actors in a wide play called Living.

I am keeping my photographs I posted here but future posts of such will be on Visual Tales. You can still browse them here.


University of the Philippines

My attachment to my school led me to take photographs of the Oblation, the sculpture icon of UP. It is my dream to visit all the campuses to complete my Oblation gallery. I also have different posts on anything UP, like about my campus UP Baguio; an art installation with the Oblation as the centrepice; the Oblation during graduation season; some prominent sculptures like the Nine Muses of the ArtsMagdangal, and Grito de Balintawak; and several images.

Music Transcription

Classical Philippine music is, let’s say, fading away from the memory and consciousness of many Filipinos. For my part, I transcribe, through a music software, music sheets that I procured by different means and share the music produced thereof. I will be adding more to my list, which includes the following:


Armed with my SLR, I zoomed in on public sculptures to show remarkable details that an observer might have missed. As you know, most sculptures are placed in high pedestals or are gigantic that you can’t discern the face. The following are some:


I am a forever fanboy of the Philippine Madrigal Singers (or Madz). Although I refrain from documenting (or posting) all the concerts that I had been to, I managed to write some, including “Madz Fanboy“,  “I Sang with the UP Madrigal Singers“, and “InTENse: I Was There!

I remember writing, too, about some of my favourite Madz singers, Riva Ferrer and Bianca Lopez. You can listen to a (crude) video of Ellaine Marie Vibal, a soprano, when I went to her chamber performance.

I also posted images of Songs for Heroes 2, a benefit concert. You can find more performances, with video or audio recording here.


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