Hullo and welcome to by blog. Thanks for reading. I am a book editor from the Philippines. But I rarely edit my work before I hit the ‘publish’ button. Some words to describe me: always frustrated, love unrequited, full of dreams but not one accomplished, and quaint.

You can also visit my other blog, Visual Tales, which is focused on photography.

Should you wish to contact me, e-mail me at irarenas@outlook.com. Follow my Instagram and Twitter accounts: irarenas.

Instagram and Twitter: irarenas


Always smile,

I.R. Arenas


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  1. @Chester how did you find Irvin’s blog? Hehe. This is a rare gem.
    @Shinji Please post more photos 🙂 What camera do you use?

  2. PLEASE!! Can anyone help me with an original H.R.Ocampo? It was a gift from Mr. Ocampo to my Dad in the 1950s. It is dedicated to my father, given to him at his going away (immigrating to US) party. Mr.Ocampo even signed his Guest Book, along with many mutual friends. He framed the painting, even left a fingerprint or two in the brush on glue they used back then. I need help, Dad is 95, so time is important. Some random guy called, and offered him 10,000. USD, out of no where. Should this go back to the Philippines?? My email is sjsteuwer@yahoo.com, PLEASE, if anyone can advise, or knows who can, write me. Thanks so much

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