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I’m not a trained photographer, and I do not have an SLR. But I like taking pictures, anyway, using either my mobile phone camera or my digicam (both Samsung).

I am working in this country’s most urban city–the financial capital Makati–for five years now. I’ve been seeing this modern landscape day after day. And I wonder why is it only now what I had the penchant to take pictures of an otherwise “normal” scene for me.

I only took the following pictures one fine 5 p.m. atop our low-rise building. I had a limited view because of this reason. I could only capture everything within my 360-degree prospect, hampered by some relatively taller structures. I know the other half of Makati’s central business district promises an awesome scene.  I hope you like these pictures.

Throughout the day, sunset is the period that I like most. The light that pervades the landscape is lambent but is not scorching. In fact, the soft but intense sunset illumination is very pleasing and inviting to my eyes. The yellow-orange colour seems is ostensibly evident. Also, sunset evokes something melancholy and pensive. It makes something inside me languish for a time and just behold the soft radiance of the sky and everything that the waning light touches. Here is my study of near-sunset in an urban terrain.

I hope you liked my pictures today. Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Entry 011

  1. Wow! Promising works! But most of all, the pictures were understood because you wrote what’s on your mind while photographing the skyscrapers of Makati City! Hope to see more photo + essays soon!

    • Thanks Kuya Ryan. Haha. When I can’t write essays or poems, I resort to posting pictures instead. Yeah, I’ll be making this a habit, so I can also sharpen my long-forsaken writing faculties.

  2. I was actually impressed by your photographs. This once again proves that the eye is more important than the gadgets or specs of your lens. May you always find inspiration and motivation to do what you love doing the most!

    • Gee, thanks a lot. with the help of you-know-who perhaps I could have the impetus to do these things. I do not have anything in mind but to capture what I think is the best frame for a scene. Part of it, I think, is influenced by the movies that I watch. Hahaha. Hey! You can help me, ne?

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